Complete visibility on every sales interaction

Trimpixel assistant captures crucial moments, summaries, questions and answers, and customised task list from each sales call.


Inspect the questions asked and corresponding replies to have a deeper review of your sales call

Next steps and Follow-ups

Get an instant list of actions and promises committed during the sales call.

Topic coverage and call quality

Get an overview on the topic coverage, conversation quality, voice of the customer, and customer product knowledge


Integrations with your
existing tools

Trimpixel works with a variety of the video conferencing, CRM, calendars, and other software solutions

Web conferencing

Record on Google meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and many more upcoming.

Seamless calender sync

Sync your calendar for the upcoming events and meetings.

CRM enrichment

Capture the customer calls and associate the insights with accounts, contacts and CRM data

Performance report

AI generated actionable insights

Trimpixel generates automated reports on lead quality, deal health, objection handling and customer asks from the sales conversation calls

Granular actions

Analyze trends in customer questions, salesperson replies, task list, conversation quality, topic trends for each call.

Customer insights

Identify the common themes across the customer conversations for product roadmaps, brand value, and service quality.

Deal intelligence

Interpret the common objections, customer asks and bottle necks across the stakeholders of an account.

self coaching

Personalised and private
tips based on your game tapes

Trimpixel assists salespersons by identifying gaps in conversations based on various sales methodologies

Qualification process

Track the unevaluated qualification parameters of the account based on BANT and MEDDIC qualification process

Aha moments

Observe the Aha moment in each prospect call and understand to replicate them

Selling Style

Infer any jumps during the flow of the sales conversation based on SPIN, SPICED, and Sandler selling models


Objective ratings for each customer interaction

Trimpixel evaluates each call and measures the performance based on content, context, accuracy, and relevance of the communication

Meeting scores

Get a comprehensive rating of the sales call based on the conversations, QnAs and prospect's understanding

Champion's understanding

Fill the gaps in champion's
understanding by looking at the questions, answers and objection of the prospect

Salesperson rating

Identify salespersons who need guidance based on their weekly performance

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