Maximize your selling potential by closing more deals faster

Our tool helps sales reps close more deals with less effort by providing them with accurate insights on prospects, helping them build better relationships, and providing them with the best pitches. Our tool also helps them avoid missing any sales opportunity by providing them with comprehensive data about their prospects.

Automatic recordings and transcripts

Never miss a single detail of your sales calls with our automatic recording and transcription feature. Drop the pen and focus on forging deeper connections with your prospect

AI summarized notes

Get summarized notes with key takeaways and a rundown of your sales call in an easily digestible format. Share this summary with your prospect and champion to remove the need to repetitive sales pitches and move the conversations forward.

Understand the prospect better

Gain a deeper understanding of your prospects’ objections, needs, preferences and behaviours. Identify their pain points and tailor your pitch accordingly to increase your chances of closing the deal.

Self-coach yourself with AI-powered score cards

Receive instant feedback and guidance on your sales pitch and techniques with personalized scorecards based your performance, areas for improvement and receive actionable insights to become a better salesperson.

Never miss a sales opportunity again

Stay on top of every potential sales opportunity with real-time alerts and customized recommendations for the next best action, based on deep analysis of your prospect’s behaviour.